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3 Fonteinen logo3 Fonteinen

3 Fonteinen based in Beersel, Belguim was founded in 1883 and specialise in kriek and geuze. In 2006 Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek received recognition and protection as a traditional Flemish regional product. The brewery is planning expansion in 2016 to include a large visitors center, tasting room, and interactive tour facility.

Brasserie Dupont logoBrasserie Dupont

La Brasserie Dupont Brewery is an independent business, run by the family Dupont, specialise in the production of beers with re-fermentation in the bottle: Moinette, Saison, Bons Vœux. Saison Dupont is intentionally renowned and considered the benchmark for the style.

Lefebvre logoLefebvre

Lefebre Brewery founded in 1876 in produce some of Belgium's most renowned brands, including Floreffe Abbey Beer production of which can be traced back to 1250 in the Abbey of Floreffe, Hopus, and Blanche de Buxelles. They are based in Quenast, Belgium.

Petrus logoPetrus

Petrus is all but an average beer. Petrus is a real sour, with roots that date from ages ago, brewed in Belgium according to the finest brewing tradition. Despite its age, it is young at heart!. Petrus Aged Pale has won multiple gold medals in beer competitions worldwide.

Oud Beersel logoOud Beersel

The Brewery Oud Beersel, which started in 1882, is located in Beersel at 10 km from the Brussels city centre, in the southwest of the capital. It is one of the last remaining authentic lambic breweries of Belgium and well known for its lambic beer brewed along traditional brewing methods.

St Feuillien logoSt Feuillien

The St Feuillien Brewery is based in Le Roeulx, Belgium. They have been making abbey-style beer since 1873, although the history of this beer goes back to an abbey founded in 1125. St Feuillien brew natural top-fermenting beers without additives using high-quality aromatic hops and selected malts. The centuries-old brewing method by infusion guarantees an authentic product.

Viven logoViven

Originally founded in 1999 by Willy de Lobel, Viven began as a nomadic brewer known then as Chapel de Viven, brewing what is now their Blond and Brown. Having settled in their current premises in Sijsele, they improved the recipe for the Blond and Brown and in 2009 they applied their Flemish brewing art to non-Flemish styles resulting in Viven Ale, Viven Porter & Viven Imperial IPA. These exceptional beers, that would truly tempt any beer connoisseur, were successfully launched onto the beer market in 2010.